How Sports Clubs Can Nail Their Next Sponsor Meeting?

Sports Clubs Can Nail Their Next Sponsor

Sponsors have several vested interests in the organisation they are sponsoring. For one, they want to ensure the strength of the organisation. Two, they are keen to learn the power it has over its loyal customers as well as its target audience. Three, they are supremely interested in finding the ROI and the duration they will have to wait for it. During all this time, the organisation may need to play its cards right, so much so that their current sponsor finds all the aforementioned details in positive and repeat their sponsorship over and over. Sports Clubs are no different.

To ensure a recurring sponsorship, sports clubs would have to buckle up and proceed with care and precision. There are many ways sports clubs can do that. We have piled this piece of information with details to help you, as a sports club, nail your next sponsor meeting.

Approach Your Sponsor with A Price

Information can work wonders, especially with your sponsors. One of the few major things that your sponsor is interested in, ROI being one of them, is your expense plan and expense report. So, when we say to proceed with care and precision, we mean have all the resources handy and sort them neatly into easily deducible pieces of information. Price is one of those.

Price of a new kit is a crucial part of your expense plan. One way is to go with a new manufacturer, and another way is to consider personalised sports kit with one of the leading sportswear and equipment manufacturer in England called Zapkam.

Zapkam’s free online 3D Kit Designer helps you design your own sportswear. What’s more? You can get an itemised quotation from Zapkam’s team. This quotation is what you can present to your sponsors in the upcoming meeting.

Hit It Where It Hurts

That is the most tried and tested strategy from the books of yesteryears. Basis this strategy, show your sponsors you care about what they care about the most. And what they care about the most, well almost, is visibility. The very reason your sponsor/s agreed to sponsor you was they saw some value in your brand. It is, therefore, time to repay by sharing the brand space.

Using Zapkam’s 3D Kit Designer, create a 3D mockup of your chosen kit design showcasing your club’s logo as well as your sponsor’s logo. This can also prove to be a wonderful strategy if you are seeking sponsorship. Reason being, nobody can say no to an apparent strong branding.

In Conclusion

While you are at it, take a couple more moments to check out the kit packages. The team at Zapkam has already produced some interesting ideas that you can use to propose to your sponsors or prospective sponsors. You can also checkout what teams with your age group typically order. Furthermore, you can compare different products or different varieties of team wear and draw inspiration.

Later, on the day of your presentation, you can use all this information to appeal your sponsors or prospective sponsors and strengthen your bond or crack a deal.


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