Fantastic 4 Tips To Choose Wine On A Date Like A Pro

date like a pro

You’re on a date with a seemingly perfect girl who is enjoying your company and your interests match, everything is just going suavely. But right at that fairy-tale moment, the reality strikes and the server hands over a wine list to you.

First impressions continue to be the last ones and ordering an ideal bottle of wine that presents your brilliant taste and compliments the food is nothing less than a challenge. Doing so confidently may make you look and feel like a champ. It may just increase the chances of you having a plausible future with this beautiful individual sitting across the table.

If this is what you wish for, worry no more, because we have you covered. All you have to do to charm your date and augment the fun is to follow this standard procedure for ordering the perfect bottle of wine.

1.Match it to Relish it

The best is to decide on your wine only after you are done ordering your food. This way, it becomes easier to match up the Wine type (Red or White) with the flavors of the food ordered.

You can kick start the process by checking the weight of your food, for example full bodied wines like Cabernet Sauvignon (red) or Chardonnay (white) will compliment heavy rich foods. Similarly, Pinot Noir (red) and Sauvignon Blanc (white) are considered the best companions of lighter and more acidic food. Moreover, you might also want to consider Wine’s fruit character like Pinot Noir consist a delicious raspberry flavor that might serve as a fruit sauce with tender meat.

But remember, most importantly your date’s and your preference matters the most. So, select what they like and let them relish their favorite flavors.

One classic mistake that is avoided by wine lovers is asking for a ‘dry’ wine because majority of wines on the list are going to be ‘dry’. Though there are some exceptions but refrain from asking for options for ‘dry’ wine.

One classic

2.Order to impress

Now that you have ordered, it’s always considered wise to engage in a conversation with the sommelier and ask him the following questions about the wine that you have ordered: vintage, producer and the name of the wine.

Do not refrain from checking the temperature of the wine, always remember a colder wine is what sets the mood right. Plus if you are planning to open the bottle late, do not feel embarrassed to call for an ice bucket to maintain the desired temperature.

3.Get it opened!

Remember, you must allow your server to decant the wine, especially red wine, in front of you as it’s glorious to see that shining liquid poured down in a crystal glass and it definitely adds on to the romance that you are seeking for.

Your sommelier will open the cork; just let it rest on the table. Then swiftly pour some wine for evaluation, hold the stem of your glass and swirl it twice. You can proceed to taking your first smell and then tasting your wine. Avoid keeping your opinions to yourself if you love wine. Let your server know, what you think about the wine.

Get it opened

4.Taste the best

After your taste evaluation, you can choose to judge a wine by its smell, color and taste. Examine it well as it one of the mistakes avoided by the wine lovers. By doing so, you will come to know about the quality of your wine. Understanding these things can aggravate your fun of drinking it.

There is a whole world of wine out there and by following these tips, you too can become a seasoned taster. You will begin to understand what you enjoy and what you don’t. Above all, you would feel confident and will surely have many more dates.

Taste the best

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