Basic Steps of Skincare

Basic Steps of Skincare

People have to take care of their skin. Too much pollution, dust and unhealthy eating habits lead to a lot of skin problems which one needs to deal with strong hands.

For that, one does not need to run to parlours every week. It can be done at home as well. Here are some major skincare at home in Hindi tips which if followed can lead to positive results.

In tropical countries, the seasons do not matter. Every season is more or less sultry. So, the primary thing to keep skin healthy is that, one has to drink a lot of water. This is because; water can keep the skin hydrated and so it saves the skin from facing a lot of unwanted problems. Drinking water can flush away all the toxins because more water intake means more urine and by that the toxins get removed from the body easily. This also prevents the skin from sudden acne break outs.

Keep a check on what you eat. Drinking and eating habits not only affect the inner parts of your body but also the outer parts as well. That is why; the glow of skin and shine of hair depends very much on what you consume. Try to eat non fried food as much as possible. Keep green vegetables and fresh fruit in your regular diet routine. Also try to avoid roadside junk food as they are not prepared in a good medium.

Cleansing is very much important for your skin. You always need to wash your face properly whenever you come back home from outside. This removes the dirt and pollution from your skin and makes it look fresh. It is a good idea to wash and moisturise your skin every night before you go to bed. Also after washing them, you need to moisturise them. Use a cream and a lotion that suits your skin type. Also try to use water based moisturisers a night as they are light on skin.

Try to scrub your face and body once in a week. You can make homemade scrubs by using sugar and lemon juice (also adds some milk and honey if your skin type is too dry) and apply them on your body and face. Scrubbing can help your skin exfoliate and also remove the dead skin cells from your body.

If you are suffering from too much of acne attacks, then a mint face pack can always save you. One needs mint leaves or pudina leaves to prepare this pack. Take 2 or 3 mint leaves and some honey to make the paste. You have to grind the mint leaves well and then add some honey to make a paste. Apply it on your face and then wait till the pack dries. Once it dries, you have to wash it with cold water. This will save you from regular acne attacks.

Also try to have proper and sound sleep for at least 8 hours at night. This will make your skin look fresh.


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